Live your full potential and create a joyful, sovereign life!

Your Unique Human Design Blueprint

Revealing your Unique Potential

Through understanding who you really are: Your uniqueness you are meant to express it in the world, in everything you do, without limitations.

By recovering your talents, skills, gifts, challenges, shadows and blind spots, you will remove the blocks that have stopped you from feeling fulfilled and at ease with yourself and the world.

By letting go of lifelong conditioning and limiting beliefs, preventing you from living your best possible life, filled with joy and flow! Reclaim your inner compass that informs you of the right-for-you-decisions!

By being ready to move forward and walk the path that has your name on it: Operating from your True Self, gaining clarity on why you are here at this moment in time!

Your Human Design Blueprint

Human Design is a Personality Analysis unlike the more common professional Assessment tools. It is based on a synthesis of modern Sciences: Epigenetics, Quantum Physics and the ancient wisdom modalities of the I-Ching, the Vedic Chakras, the Tree of Life (Kabbalah) and Astrology. It has been validated through the creation of a statistical Database with over 10 Million unique entries, 30 years ago.

Human Design is also called "The Science of Differentiation": How you are uniquely different from others. There will never be and there never was another "You".

Your Human Design chart shines the light on your unconscious and conscious qualities, which is the foundation for gaining clarity on who you really are, not the person you thought you were and were taught to become.

Human Design reveals your direction in life, your North Star and the way you show up with all your strengths, abilities, traits and conditioning. Once you learn this about yourself it is an enormous relief when you finally understand that there is nothing wrong with you, that you are a unique being and nobody is exactly like you.

A Human Design Analysis is for you:

  • When you want to understand who you are and who you are not.
  • When you want a compass to successfully navigate through this rapidly changing world.
  • When you want to live your life aligned with your life purpose.
  • When you want to relax into who you are by letting go of unrealistic expectations of yourself and others.
  • When you're ready to take a leap of faith and trust that you can unlock the code to living a joyful, fulfilling life. No matter in what stage of life you're at!

By Unlocking the Blueprint of your Human Design you will know:

  • How you can best express yourself in this world to feel good about who you are
  • How you can make the correct-for-you-decisions that aren’t based on fear or a desire “to be nice”
  • How you can optimise your energy for authentic success
  • Your strengths and how to trust and rely on them
  • The blocks you run against that what prevents you from doing your best possible work
  • Your Core Essence: The 70% of the who, what and why you are here (to be)

The Result: Self-knowledge and Self-realization

More than ever before we need to know who we really are: Self-knowledge, to be aligned and successful in all you do. No matter the motivation: Be it for personal development, changing jobs or finding new ways to express your Skills and Gifts, it will help you with living your full potential.

Analysis & Potential

The Human Design Analysis is composed of 11 keys, which are all interrelated to support you in your private and professional life to reveal the hidden potential in your personal life, relationships, business and career. Based on your birth date, time and place, you'll receive a neutral and very accurate insight into your (professional) potential. Since 1992, the validity and reliability of the Human Design System has been subject to an ongoing analysis and verification through empirical evidence and a statistical database of almost 10 million people.


Your unique Design is then presented, interpreted and discussed with you in one or more online Sessions, so that you can better understand and comprehend yourself and to authentically interact with and relate to the people around you. The Session(s) are conducted over Video Conferencing, recorded and you'll receive the slide deck of your Human Design Analysis.


Personality Assessments without the opportunity for organic, easy application in your daily (professional) environment do not bring much. Human Design Coaching focuses on real personal insights, which have a positive impact in your daily life, private and business environment.

"Li did a Human Design reading for me a few years ago and I still find it to be a fantastic resource and tool in my personal journey, she provided me fantastic insights that have been so valuable"

- Jennifer Dickens, Awaken Heart Wisdom Coach & Guide at

"I had a HD business session (15 Keys) with Li, and in addition to being very informative, it was magical!  Something was activated on a deep energetic level. I could see myself and my impact more clearly and my posture and the way I walk became more upright and grounded at the same time. I could only recommend a session with Li, she is such a rich and unique coach and guide on all levels"

- Sofia Burau, Leadership Coach

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Meet Lidewy (Li) Isings

Li was born in the Netherlands, studied, worked & lived an expat life on and off since the 80s and has now settled down in Switzerland.

She has a background in transpersonal counselling, nutritional sciences, traditional healing & lifestyle modalities and first "met" the Human Design System in 2001, learning from many Human Design teachers and close to a thousand individual Human Design sessions who taught her how each person is uniquely gifted and different. She is in certification at the BG5 Business Institute, part of the official IHDS, International Human Design School.

Li has worked as a Business Design Mentor and Innovation Consultant in many emerging industries and took a leap of faith in 2013 to offer her skills to Individuals as well. She is certified in various coaching styles, including human design-, co-active-, holistic health and functional nutrition coaching.

Her gift is to see the unique qualities you were born with and from there co-create new personal and professional opportunities with you. At the same time she gently but surely helps you deconstruct that what doesn't serve you, clearing the way for living your own, unique design.

With her track record of 40 years worth of teaching, coaching, consulting and counselling, she has created a safe space where her clients can find their way back to who they truly are and when needed, the energetic tools to dissolve limiting beliefs and unblock the influences that keep you stuck.

Summertime Human Design Consults & Coaching

Summer is associated with the Fire Element: Nature is in its full bloom, ready to be harvested and stored to sustain us until next Spring. The perfect time to discover your unique Potential, clean up what doesn't nourish you so that you can declutter, get a sense of freedom and trust that you have everything to live as your true self! To have your Human Design explained will give you peace of mind, help you with grounding your Core Essence and will give you a sense of direction and clarity. You are here for a reason and you have the right to live who you truly are! All sessions are online and you'll receive a video recording plus the slides afterwards.

Life Purpose Session

You were designed to live your life "on purpose". But what is yours? What does your Human Design reveal? In this 75 Minutes Session I'm guiding you through your life theme and all the aspects that support you to establish your purpose in the world and live your calling!

  • Your unique expression in the world
  • Making decisions that are right for you
  • The strategy that helps you survive
  • Manifesting your purpose in life
  • The way you are wired to live the full spectrum of your unique potential!

CHF 147 (90 Minutes)

Book your Life Purpose Session

The 11 Keys Human Design Analysis

This full-on Human Design Analysis serves to crack the code of your design. After this 2 hour Session there is no turning back to your old self!

  • The Basic Elements of your Design
  • Your Life Theme & Core Essence
  • The distractions that take you off track
  • The gifts you bring to the world
  • The strengths you can rely on
  • The environment you thrive in
  • The way you are wired to live your potential's full spectrum.

CHF 350 (2 hours and a Clarity Coaching Session of 1 hour a week later)

Clarity Coaching Sessions

You already received a Human Design Analysis in the past and want to dive deeper into certain aspects to gain clarity on how to apply elements of your design into specific life and/or work situations.

These sessions are like Mary Poppins' bag: Filled with exactly what is needed
to reveal itself to you at the right time.

CHF 360 (3 x 75 Minutes)

From Career to Calling

Partnership Analysis